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The Power of Exposure

Everything we know and believe while growing up, we picked from our environment. This could be from our parents, relatives,  television, neighbors, streets, or school. And even as adults, we come to accept many of these things as our reality. Consequently, they control, constrain and shape our lives. It is then our responsibility to find […]

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The Voice of Inspiration

ACHIEVE MORE The Unseen Leader Each day, millions of people flood the highways, like they say ‘looking for their daily bread’. Many are driven by their animalistic instincts, some by their natural intelligence, and a few by their voice of inspiration. Those driven by instincts have an undying quest for survival. They are aggressive, non-law-abiding, […]

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Lateral Readiness

ACHIEVE MORE Lateral and Parallel Wings Permit me to expound the Bible a bit this morning. In First Samuel, there was a leadership gap being created by the priest Eli. He’d lost grip over his family and the entire Israel. God needed a replacement, but he must be born of the Spirit, not an ordinary […]

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