Staff Management

The Most Important Moment of Life

Ever seen any movie on gladiators? A gladiator is a fighter (in ancient Rome) who fought another combatant in the arena to the excitement of the spectators. One thing is certain every time the arena opens – blood must be spilled. Each gladiator is then left but with only one […]

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The Laws of Proactivity

Proactivity is intentionally doing today, what would make you a better person tomorrow. Also, according to Adeleke David Adekunle, “it is doing today what would make tomorrow’s tasks easier to achieve”. If this were applied, say to a game of football, it simply means knowing where the ball would be […]

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Have you ever found yourself caught in between several tasks at the same time? Do you often feel overwhelmed by the enormity of tasks before you? Do you which your daily activities were reduced so that you could just have some air? Do you wish to achieve more each day, […]

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10 Facts About Employees

  They are your primary customers. If they don’t buy into your business, they’d frustrate all your network of customers and eventually kill your business. They are your helpers. I’ve seen quite a lot of employers treating their staff like they are doing them a favor for employing them. The […]

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